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Along the years, my works have been covering multiple domains : Marketing, advertising, web and user interfaces, virtual reality, 360 videos, mapping, events, animated illustrations, and so on.

With an experience of 6 years as a motion designer, and 4 more years before that as a Web designer, I honed my skills in designing refined visuals and creative interfaces.

I've always been interested in science and technology and I love experimenting on these topics, especially the perspective of future medias and interactions. For a long time I wanted to make my work respond to the viewer's actions and I'm now aiming to become an interactive designer.

For the time being, I'm interested in designing and animating user interfaces and scientific facts. I also love entertainement and I hope I can bring my skills to these domains.


Wax Tailor | Peugeot Citroën DS | Google | Blizzard | Coca-Cola

Volvo | Air Liquide | EDF | Marques Avenue | Guerlain | SFR

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Coming Soon

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